December 21st, 2003

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Welcome! We are your friendly maintainers, Lizzie and Rachel. I(Lizzie) just had a big operation on my knee, and will soon my posting pictures of my SIX INCH incision. mmmm it will be beautiful and....scar-y. yeah, so...enjoy!


ok hi, im elissa. i have no visable scars, but if lizzie wants to, she can beat me up and then maybe ill have some scars. ok bye.
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okay, so today i took off the dressing on my knee to change it, and i took so ever so beautiful pictures of my incision, which is well on its way to becoming a scar! i'll post them tomorrow, as soon as i've uploaded them. man, this one'll be a i've said, six inches. potentially two dots from where the wound drainage system was in my leg, too. well, in any case, i'll post tomorrow. they're sort of gross pictures, but DEAL.

ps as far as this community goes....promote promote promote! we want more interesting stories and pictures, and therefore more members. so do it!

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Hi, I'm Margaret. I have scars. Yay.

Ummm... I have this one on my left leg from when I was swimming and I got out of the water and I was gushing blood... it was interesting. I still don't know what did it. Maybe barnacles? Who knows.

Thorns, watches, my bird, you name it. Yep. Too many scars.

Good idea for a community though...
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